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National 401(k) Day – 3 Reasons to make TODAY “Crunch Time!”

| September 06, 2019

Started by the Profit Sharing/401(k) Council of America, the “401(k) Day” holiday is dedicated to promoting retirement savings education. Today is the day to communicate the importance of saving for retirement.

Freedom Financial Wealth Management (FFWM) not only embraces the opportunity to communicate the importance of saving for retirement today and every day, but is celebrating National 401(k) Day by inviting plan sponsors to call to receive a complimentary analysis of existing plans to ensure you have the most competitive plan to retain your employees and attract new ones.

Why might this be important if a plan is already in place and performing well?

1. Not all plans are the same and you may be missing out on a plan that could provide more opportunities for your employees reach their goals.
2. Findings of wasteful service and administrative fees could provide substantial savings.
3. You may gave a an unknown fiduciary liability to your employees

The average 401(k) plan may be exposed to 50% losses!

While many think it will never happen them today is the day to ask how it is possible? Relationships are formed with advisors and trust is formed. The expectation is that the advisor will ensure the plan is performing well and there is little exposure to risk. Mistakes can be made and without seeking a second opinion it could all be too late to make modifications.
Just like it is common practice to obtain a second opinion for a personal major medical decision, a second opinion should be common practice for major financial decisions.

Risky Times
True story – Our economy is volatile!

We are living in a much different time that is rather unpredictable. If you are not seeking an evaluation you should be prepared to have the conversation with your employees that their retirement has been compromised or delayed due to a large loss. The change in administration has left us with a very unpredictable economy and every advisor has an opinion as to how this translates to your portfolio’s performance. It is imperative to work with a trusted advisor that is making provisions to keep your plan competitive.  These risky times require support from an organization committed to the plan sponsor and its hard-working employees. 

Freedom Financial Wealth Management prides itself on offering a unique Financial Literacy plan designed to alleviate the financial stresses and burdens leading to overall success of the organization, as well as the employees and their families. This plan leads to increased productivity and directly impacts your bottom line!

For organizations not offering a 401(k), we want to earn your trust by setting up time to begin talking about your goals and how we may be of assistance to you.

Take us up on the opportunity for a COMPLIMENTARY ANALYSIS to ensure that your assets are not only SAFE, but performing above average!

Today is the day to translate National 401(k) Day to a time to “Crunch Time” to ensure you are competitive!