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National Manufacturing Day

| October 04, 2019

Manufacturers throughout the country are honored Friday, October 4th on National Manufacturing Day, a day that we honor and appreciate products made in the USA.
Pennsylvania is no stranger to many of these products, as PA is one of the top manufacturing states in the country. Employees working in the manufacturing industry are paid above average wages and workers in Pennsylvania earn more in this industry than other states with the average worker earning over $70,000 in annual wages (National Association Manufacturing).

These organizations offer products and solutions to consumers at both a National and International level as much of the products created are in the chemical, food, and metal manufacturing industries (NAM).

Central PA is home to popular products consumed on a regular basis and can be appreciated whether you enjoy entertaining and serving the popular “Mad Elf” beverages during the holidays, crafted by local, Troegs Brewing Co., or you are maintaining the landscaping outside of your residence by raking leaves with innovations brought to you by Ames True Temper in Shiremanstown, PA.

Freedom Financial Wealth Management (FFWM) recognizes the true value of our important industrial organizations that operate within Pennsylvania and within the South-Central PA area in which we proudly service.

The struggles and challenges these organizations have are unique to their industry and organization itself. Meeting production goals and standards are vital to their success and achieving profitable profit margins.

Personnel issues such as absenteeism and other factors resulting in lowering production from just a few workers could contribute to delays in production schedules potentially causing losses that smaller organizations may not be able to recover from.
FFWM has been able to work with organizations in identifying a major contributor affecting production standards by addressing their employees’ stressors that are related to personal financial matters.

It is unlikely that these employees have not received any education or support to manage their personal finances and may be at a disadvantage to make financial decisions.
Without a solution in place to aid valued employees, employers will struggle with daily operational challenges, placing the company at risk of lower profit margin.
Offering a unique Financial Literacy service that employees can access online as needed to provide a financial education, we are able to offer guidance and support, creating a financially fit workforce that can then be a more productive workforce.

Studies have show that a financially fit workforce is a productive workforce with lower than average turnover, allowing business owners and senior management focus on running their business.

Managing partner of FFWM, Jeffrey West states, “Employees that are unable to manage financial stress are more likely to call off, be tardy, or attend to personal issues on company time. By partnering with our organization, we provide Financial Literacy Services that alleviate some of these stressors creating more focused employees, increasing production.”
To learn more about how Freedom Financial Wealth Management can assist your organization, contact us at Office: 717-920-0770.