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Financial Planning

A Plan Built Just for You

A clear portrait of your life—your circumstance, values, and goals—is the foundation for your financial plan. Our system supports discussion, evaluation, and strategic planning. We encourage an evolving financial awareness that drives informed decision-making. We provide a toolkit for making the most of your hard-earned resources. The earlier you start, the more options you have.


Our process always begins with a conversation. Information is exchanged. An understanding of your circumstance takes shape. This is your opportunity to learn about FFWM. We explain what we believe we can do for you, and you are asked to consider if you want our help.


We determine your quantifiable goals and explore your thoughts on managing money. We work to understand what drives your decision-making and determine your risk preferences. Our objective is to build your self-awareness so that we can help you take center stage of your planning process.


It's time to develop a clear detailed, and objective picture of the here and now. What steps have you taken to reach your goals? What circumstances are making the pursuit of these goals more challenging? What are your uncertainties? Will there be shortfalls?


We evaluate your methods for reaching goals, suggest alternative options, and weigh the pros and cons of potential decisions. We work with you to assemble a plan that refines your approach. You weigh the alternatives, and we facilitate your understanding. Tailoring your plan is a collaborative effort. We stay right by your side.


We are ready to put your plan into place, transfer accounts, reallocate assets, and assist with insurance applications. Our recommendations are based on your needs, values, goals and time frames. You decide which recommendations to follow, and then we assist with implementation.


In life, change is constant. Formidable challenges can come out of the blue. We provide personal advice to keep your goals aligned and your plans on track.