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Why Freedom Financial Was Founded

"We each began our careers working for large insurance-based financial firms. Early on, we both sensed we were working within business cultures that did not promote the development of deeper client relationships—the kind of relationships from which we could frame and provide more personalized, comprehensive financial planning. This realization became increasingly clear as our careers at separate firms continued to evolve." — Jeffrey West

In 2005, Jeff decided to start a new company that would focus on providing high quality personalized financial advice. The new firm, Freedom Financial Wealth Management, emphasized forming a trusting relationship with each client and then working as an independent and collaborative advisor to provide highly customized financial planning solutions. Steve’s introduction to the Freedom Financial client emphasis was like discovering a perfect fit, and he joined the firm in 2006.

"Our willingness to invest the time needed to build an accurate understanding of our clients’ needs and objectives underscores our holistic approach. We believe that building a complete life picture for every client provides a fundamental advantage as planning strategies are developed. Our client relationships are our most valuable asset." — Steve Fetterhoff