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James Mitchell

On why he protects his clients:

Jim’s father died at age 52. As a teacher and guidance
counselor, he had life insurance for two and a half times his
salary, so Jim’s mother received about $20,000. Even though
his father joked about being worth more dead than alive,
the money didn’t last long. Jim and his sister took care of
their mother, but she eventually remarried. Jim believes she
made the choice because she felt financially pressured. “I
don’t want my wife to have that situation,” he said. “I always
ask clients, ‘If you die tonight, does anyone suffer financially
tomorrow?’ ... We don’t replace your parents, husbands,
wives or loved ones, but we do try to replace the financial loss
you’ll suffer because that person is no longer there.”

Lessons from working with Charlie “Tremendous” Jones:

Problems are a part of life. Charlie used to say, “You’ve got
a problem? Of course you do, you’re not dead!” Sometimes,
God doesn’t give you problems to tear you down, but to
lift you up. You don’t want them – nobody does – but you
grow because of them. So when Charlie would pray for your
problems, he’d pray they’d get worse.

Things you might be surprised to know about Jim:

He’s been married twice – both times to women named
Elaine. He once met a different woman named Elaine and told
her about his wives. Funny thing … She’d been married twice
to men named Jim!
Jim served in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War. He
traveled many places around the world, including the
Mediterranean and Cuba, but not Vietnam. He was actually
able to go up to the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa before it
was closed to the public.
As a soldier, Jim shot an M1 at 500 yards with open sights
on target in shooting competitions. He didn’t win, but he
qualified to go to Annapolis and get out of Cuba for a while.
It was close enough to home that he could visit on the